WELCOME to Wonder Dogs!

We believe training is all about building a strong and trusting relationship with your dog, and where respect is a two-way street.  Our staff strive to help you build clear communication skills, to teach your dog how to pay attention, learn boundaries, and follow directions from the entire family, using methods that do not rely on physical strength, or intimidation.  We’ve carefully constructed a step-by-step, relationship-based curriculum to make learning fun, whether you are a first-time puppy owner, family pet owner, or a handler involved in performance or competition.   No Force – Just Fun!

Class exercises are based on scientifically proven, positive reinforcement methods with an emphasis on attention skills, impulse control, and leadership games.  We teach pro-active measures using management strategies, to prevent unwanted behaviors, and by rewarding the desired behavior, you’ll learn how to prevent problems before they start!  A well trained dog makes a happy owner and a well-trained owner makes a happy dog!

  • Relaxed & Supportive: Small class size with high instructor student ratio.  Participation in classes includes workbook, phone and e-mail support.
  • Educated Instructors: Current on research regarding canine development, behavior, and the most up to date training techniques.
  • Dog and Owner-Friendly: Techniques that build a positive relationship between you and your dog, where compliance is not dependent on force or intimidation as discussed in this attached position statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

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